Nike Flex Fury 2 Running Shoe This second generation Nike Flex Fury is made with minimal construction to attain the highest speed. It has a one-piece upper made of flexible mesh, and Flywire cables to stabilize and add support to the minimalistic midsole. The outsole is pressure-mapped for the most cushioning and comfort with a dual density midsole for a smooth run. The outsole also features hard rubber pods in the areas of high wear and tear. They weigh in at around 8 ounces.
The Nike Flex Fury 2 for both men and women features a cushioning system well suited for the everyday runner. The dual-density midsole is made of foam and is minimalistic to keep the shoe lightweight for the runner. This system delivers maximum cushioning that is comfortable, responsive, and efficient. This allows the runner to take off quickly and attain maximum speeds.
Nike Flex Fury 2 Running Shoe The second generation Nike Flex Fury 2 weighs less than its predecessor as it is designed to offer the runner a quicker burst off the starting line in order to reach maximum speeds quickly. The shoe weighs between seven and nine ounces depending on the size. The Nike Flex Fury 2 is imported, so you will see that the imported weight as substantially more than the actual shoe weight. Runners using this shoe report that it is lightweight enough to feel as if you are barefoot and not wearing a running shoe at all. The Flex Fury 2 is made of all lightweight materials, and even though it is light, it still offers the comfort and support that runners want.
Designed for minimal interference with quick starts and maximum speeds, the Nike Flex Fury 2 also has a reputation for style. The layered mesh uppers with Flywire Cables are fashionable. The cables themselves offer stitching that adds to the shoe’s style. The second generation Flex Fury comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. It is the look that attracts the buyer first then they learn of the minimalistic design for speed. From purple to red to blue, white and black, the Nike Flex Fury 2 comes in sharp, attractive colors.